Principal Jaskot's Weekly Dayette


Principal News:


Back to school season is upon us.  It is still a race to the finish with the earthquake retrofit construction happening, and our custodial team is working as quickly as they can! We now have access to most everything on the main floor, as work continues on the 1st and 3rd floors.  We are organizing a parent volunteer work party to help teachers organize materials/put classrooms back in order on Friday, September 1st from 9:30 – noon.  If you are interested and available, please let me know.  

Teachers are eager to be in their classrooms setting up, and they are already planning to work Labor Day weekend.  You know what a dedicated team they are!  Please thank them for the extra effort in making the school fully ready for learning on the first day of school!

 Bus information 

Families should be receiving information today about bus routes and times directly from our Transportation Dept. If you haven’t received a letter by Thursday, please call the Transportation Dept at 206.252.0900. Our school has limited information about buses, so please do inquire with them initially.  

Important reminders about this new school year. 

I’ll do my best to communicate these a few times, as there are some changes in our school policies and procedures. 

  • School reopens
  • Early release Wednesdays begin the following week, on Sept. 13th.  Dismissal on Wednesdays will be 1:10.
  • School begins on Monday, Sept. 11th for Pre-school and K.  Parent conferences will be scheduled for Sept. 6 – 8.
  • Breakfast will begin at 7:35.
  • Playground supervision begins at 7:35.  Please be aware there are no adults on the playground prior to 7:35.
  • Lunchtimes have changed from last year.
  • K: Play 11:10-11:30; Eat 11:30-11:50
  • 1: Play 11:10-11:30; Eat 11:30-11:50
  • 2: Eat: 11:10-11:30; Play 11:30-11:50
  • 3: Play 12:00-12:20; Eat 12:20-12:40
  • 4: Play 12:05-12:25; Eat 12:25-12:45
  • 5: Eat 12:05-12:25; Play 12:25-12:45 
  • On Wednesdays, the 4th and 5th graders will eat/play together. Play 12:30-12:50; Eat 12:50-1:10
  • All students will be asked to remain in the cafeteria for 15 minutes before being allowed to return to recess.  This is an additional 5 minutes from last year, as there was a tendency for some students to rush through lunch. 


  • There will be a new Pre-school Program in Room 206 this year. We are excited about this partnership between the school district and the City of Seattle.  There are some implications you should be aware of:
  • The adult rest rooms across from the library will now be student rest rooms.  Adults may use the restroom diagonally across from the office or the newly opened restrooms to the left of Room 203. (Mrs. Kendrick’s K classroom)
  • 3 parking spaces in the south lot will be designated as drop off/pick up spots with a 10 minute time limit during arrival and dismissal times. This will put a strain on available parking for everyone. 
  • Parents will be escorting pre-schoolers to Room 206 through the center doors and the north door.
  • Dismissal for Grades K-2 will be from the north playground where students line up in the morning.  We have found it difficult to manage people and traffic in the north parking lot.  For student safety, teachers will walk students out the north door, allowing those that take a bus to walk to the front of the school.  All parent pick-ups will be from the playground area.
  • We will not permit balls from home to be brought to school.  These cause an incredible amount of distractions over the course of the day.  We appreciate this will be a disappointment to a few students, but we promise to make sure there is enough playground equipment for all to enjoy.
  • Other items to be left home include fidget spinners and any toys/items that may distract students from learning. 
  • At the start of the school year, staff will be reviewing expectations and routines to keep students safe and in a positive learning
  • environment.  These expectations will be a part of the family handbook, which should be ready for you by the end of next week.  To keep you informed, here is the schedule of when students will review these expectations. The instruction and feedback is on-going throughout the year, especially after long breaks.  
  • Date Skill
    9.6 or 9.11 for PreK and K Classroom and Playground/recess
    9.7 or 9.12 for PreK and K Cafeteria and restroom
    9.8 or 9.13 for PreK and K Bus and Hallway
    9.11 or 9.14 for PreK and K Assembly
    9.12 or 9.15 for PreK and K Computer lab


School supplies: As many of you know there is a change in the way we are collecting start-of-school supplies in 201718. To date the school has received funds from 36% of our families.  This is a great start.  For those of you that haven’t had a chance to send or bring by school supply funds please do so as soon as you can.

This academic year we are piloting a program where families give a suggested minimum $40/child to the school.  If this is the first time you are seeing this or are new to B. F. Day please pay for supplies as soon as you can after enrollment. The funds will be batched together where the front office and your child’s teacher has ordered in bulk for the classroom and art room.   This allows us to save a tremendous amount of money and ensures the teachers receive the supplies they need.  

Please write a check or bring by cash for your child. You can also write a check and send it to BF Day Elementary School 3921 Linden Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103. Next year we should be able to utilize electronic funds - not yet, sorry. Family assistance is also available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Questions? Email Carrie Bauer at or call 206-252-6010

Emergency Info/Verification Form Changes goes electronic for the month of September.  

You will all receive a 1st day packet with important forms to fill out and important information to note.  Usually this packet includes a paper “Verification Form” which we use to update your vital contact information.  This year the online data verification form will be available for Parents/Guardians at the start of school, from 9/6/17 to 9/30/17.  After that PLEASE let the office know of any change in phone number, address, emergency contacts etc!

Parents may only fill out this form once per school year per student.  One parent per child will be sent an email to invite them to fill out the Data Verification Form through the Source.  Whoever’s email is used must be the same for all your children in Seattle Schools.  There is online and phone support available in English and Spanish in the program – InfoSnap.  Parents will need to sign on to “The Source” to get a Source account if you don’t have one.  Your source email needs to match the email address listed on your student’s Demographics page.    

Staffing updates:

As you know, I consider the hiring and on-going support of staff one of the most important aspects of my work.  With the allocation of another classroom teacher in June, along with a couple transfers, we have been busy interviewing and selecting some new team members for our school.  I will send out pictures and biographies of the new teachers, but I am very excited to bring them on board.  Each possesses a solid understanding of the skills needed to be effective teachers, student advocates and collaborative partners.

We are in the final stages of hiring, and I am pleased to announce we have found a wonderful addition to the SEL Primary classroom!  Mr. Ron Beck has been hired as the new teacher!  We will have his pic and introduction shortly, and he is excited to be joining our team.  He has experience as a SpEd IA and certificated teacher.

This is how our school will look next year.  An asterisk represents a new team member. 

  • Preschool – Room 206 – Alice Tackett*  The Pre-school assistant is just about to be hired (Hoping for tomorrow!) The Pre-school tutor will be Alvin Bauer.
  • Kindergarten – Room 202 – Andy Zillig; Room 203 - Kathleen Kendrick
  • Kindergarten/1st grade – Room 304 – Shellie Ferrel
  • 1st grade – Room 302 – Britta Steel; Room 303 – Jaimee Papineau
  • 2nd grade – Room 301 – Elizabeth Dawson; Room 305 – Eloise Davis*
  • 3rd grade – Room 310 – Janet Sawyer; Room 311 Roxana Cerulia
  • Mini Middle School – Literacy – Randi Noreng; Math – Kenneth Maldonado; Science – Joe Olegario ELL – Teresa Dang*
  • Literacy and Math support teacher – Julie Gjording*
  • Social Emotional Learning classrooms – Room 102 – Kayla Nunez; Room 103 – Ron Beck
  • Resource Room – Jenn Cooper
  • Counselor – John Taylor
  • Librarian – Ken Hammer
  • Art: Janine Pierce
  • PE: Vince Delaney
  • Nurse – full time – Annie Norton 
  • School Psychologist: Amy Roszatycki
  • Occupational Therapist: Carolyn Anderson
  • Physical Therapist: Doreen Burris
  • Office team:  Carrie Bauer and Sonja Haas
  • Speech: Michele Jaurequi
  • Kitchen Manager: Julie Moyer
  • Custodians: Nick Biryuk and Kuldip Singh
  • Principal: Stan Jaskot