Principal Jaskot's Weekly Dayette


Coming up:

  • April 20 - The SunDragon Fun Run
  • April 23 – June 8 Smarter Balanced Assessments for Grades 3 - 5
  • June 2 - Arty Party
  • June 8 – Village Day
  • June 15 – Field Day and BBQ
  • June 20 – 5th grade Promotion - Noon


  • Principal News
  • Summer Staircase 

    Registration for the Summer Staircase closes April 27    More information about the Summer Staircase Program.

    Please get your requests in!  Deadline soon!  For families who have been unsure about the commitment to Summer Staircase and are worried about what to do with their kiddos from 12:30 (when our program ends) and up to 6:00 as needed.  We have a great solution! Our on-site B&G Club will have care available for all five weeks of Summer Staircase from 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm.  The cost is only $125 a week.  Thank you to Luke at B&G for helping us get this much needed help for our families

    Summer Staircase applications are available from your child’s teacher.  If you think your child could benefit from enhancing or keeping up their skills in reading and math please talk with your child’s teacher about this opportunity at B. F. Day.  Summer Staircase runs from June 25 to July 27, 8:30 – 12:30 daily.  Transportation, breakfast and lunch are provided.

  • Green Team has Sounders Tickets Available

    Please call 206-252-6010 or email if you would like tickets.  First come.

    B. F. Day Yearbook

    We are doing a B. F. Day Yearbook by preorder.  The yearbook order form is being sent home on paper because the photography company preprinted them.  Please ignore if you’ve already ordered.  Orders are coming in regularly – nice work!  The deadline is May 4 for your order.  We will not likely order extras so please order your yearbook now if you would like one.

    Yearbook Art Cover Contest   

    Also, once again we are asking our little Sundragons to submit artwork to use on this year’s Yearbook.  Details are on the flyer that is going home today and also attached.  Deadline is this Friday!  sundragon

  • Smarter Balanced Assessments

    Our annual assessment season is about to begin.  These assessments are very important measures of student and school performance, and students are well-prepared for them.  Each assessment is scheduled for 2-3 days, and students have as much time as they need to complete them.

    Because the tests are rigorous, students need to have a positive attitude and stamina to complete them.  We encourage students to have a goal to finish a portion of the test, and then request they go back and review their answers for that session.  Once a test session is over, student cannot go back to that section.  By pacing themselves over 2-3 days, students have the stamina to do their best work, and they don’t become overwhelmed.   All tests are taken on the computer. Some important terms and abbreviations for the Assessment Season include:

    ELA – English Language Arts

    CAT – Computer Adaptive Test

    PT – Performance Task

    WCAS – Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science Test schedule:

    Students take a test, and then there is a break for a few days.  The ELA test comes first, then Science and Math.

  • 3rd grade

    CAT ELA 4.30 – 5.2

    CAT Math 5.17 – 5.21

    PT ELA 5.10 – 5.14

    PT Math 5.25 – 5.30


    4th and 5th grade

    CAT ELA 4.23 – 4.27

    CAT Math 5.22 – 5.24

    PT ELA 5.7 – 5.9

    PT Math 5.31 – 6.4

    Science (5th grade only) 5.15 – 5.16

     Pre-K in the news:

    There is a nice article at  ttps://  We are so fortunate to have this great program at our school.

  • Staffing updates

    We are in the process of hiring several new teachers and instructional support specialists for next year.  This is due to a new Special Education program called Access and the addition of another PreSchool classroom. We are also expanding by 2 classrooms.  I will have the profiles and pictures of new team members later in the spring and over the summer. 

    As you know, I consider the recruitment and hiring of teachers to be one of the most important tasks a Principal can do.  We’ve been very fortunate in our hires over the past four years, and I am excited to share some of the updates.  We are finding an amazing team!

    The new Access teacher will be Kayla Nunez.  Kayla is currently the intermediate SEL teacher in Room 102.

    The new intermediate SEL teacher will be David Bauernfeind.  David is currently one of the assistants in this classroom, and he is completing his certification this spring.  His assistant position will be advertised soon.

    The new music teacher will be Eleni Semandaris. Eleni is currently at West Woodland Elementary. 

    The new Pre-school teacher will be Megan Rupert.  Megan is dually certified in elementary education and special education. 

    The new Special Education teacher for pre-school will be Laurie Yarger.  She is an experienced teacher who most recently worked in the Lake Washington School District. 

    One of the new Access program assistants will be Luke Imboden.  Luke is currently an Access IA at Broadview Thomson.

    We are interviewing for the new K position today and for the new 1/2 split classroom tomorrow. Thankfully, all current staff will be returning. Whew!

    On Site Boys & Girls Club is on Dash

    The Boys & Girls Clubs of King County are using Dash for registration now.  Registration for Fall opens on April 30th at noon.  The Club website can be found on  Please call Bryan Norkus 206.547.7169 or if you have questions. 

  • Dear B. F. Day community... the ARTY PARTY needs YOU!
  • There is an impressive team of parents/caregivers who are working hard to plan BF Day's upcoming "ARTY PARTY" auction in June! What a fun night we will have celebrating the ARTS as a community! To make this event as special as it can be we are reaching out to YOU for help... we believe the more people who get involved the more meaningful and successful the event will be. Please check out the ways you can contribute to this year's "ARTY PARTY" auction...
  1. Visual Arts!
  • Are you an artist / creator / maker of things and would like to donate a piece? Or do you know an artist who might like to donate a piece?... contact Julie Graber at by April 1st
  1. Performing Arts!
  • If you are interested in performing at the event contact Janine Chiorazzi Pierce right away at (there are 5 spots open for parents!)
  1. Donations!
  • We are hoping that all families can find a way to provide a great connection for a donation, or think of a creative way to donate something themselves! Think of cool experiences (like flying, boating, vacation homes, etc) or more intimate experiences (like a night of babysitting, a trip to the zoo for 3 kids, music lessons, wine or whiskey tasting at your house, etc). Or maybe you have a connection with a business that you'd like to share? We need all the help we can get so please reach out to Sarah Sullivan Thompson at
  1. Classroom Art!
  • This year some of the classrooms will be collaborating to create a piece of art for the auction. If you are hoping your child's class is participating and would like to help then contact Michal Inspektor at right away
  • Any other questions or ideas can be sent to
  • • They say it takes a village and they are right! Thanks everyone.... Peace, Love and Safety to all!