Sun Dragon Fun Run!


The BF Day PTSA’s annual walk-a-thon, the Sun Dragon Fun Run, is happening Friday, April 7th.

Sara Parent got the kids psyched about The Sun Dragon Fun Run at recent assemblies, and the pledge envelope will be sent home this week. So, you might have few questions. Here are a few answers:

What is it?: This event (formerly known as Walk-n-Roll) is a walk-a-thon style fundraiser for the BF Day PTSA to help fund The Arts and Teacher Support at our school. (Directions for collecting pledges on the envelope and below.)

  • This year the PTSA brought you Music with Mr. Eric, Writers in the Schools, and helped the teachers fund field-trips and buy supplies.

When is it?: Friday April 7th, throughout the school day. Look for an email from the PTSA soon with the exact schedule of when each grade will participate.

How can I help?:

  • Help your kid(s) collect pledges

    • Start by using the envelope to list people who are willing to donate to BF Day on your kids’ behalf

      • Sometimes people will decided ahead of time what they want to give. (It might be $1 or it might be $100 or anything inbetween.)

      • Sometimes people will pledge per-lap. (For instance, if they pledge $1 per lap and your child completes 20 laps, they will donate $20 to BF Day.)

    • After the event is over, we will send home a note with the number of laps your child completes. Use this number to collect pledges from the people on your list.

      • This year we’re trying a new online system for collection pledges at There are two ways to use this tool:

        • For those who love online profiles and sharing on social media, follow the “register a student” directions to set up customized pages for each of your children. You can use this to get friends and families far and wide excited about pledging your child and supporting BF Day.

        • If you don’t want to take the extra step to set up an account for your kiddo(s), but still want to take advantage of donating online, you can have your donor select “general donations.” The donor will still have the option to name your child in the “message” field.

      • You are still welcome to collect cash and checks in your envelope.

      • We encourage families to participate at any amount that feels comfortable. We suggest a goal of $120 per student, but please adjust up or down based on what your pledgers can give. Every little bit counts!

        • Thanks to two generous community donors, every kid at BF Day already has at least 1 pledge! (Your envelope says $0.10 per lap, but it has been matched by a second donor and now is $0.20 per lap!!)

  • Volunteer!

    • We need several volunteers on the day of the event to help setup and breakdown, count laps, fetch water, and general keep everything flowing. Please look for an email from the PTSA soon with a SignUp Genius link.

    • There are other “behind the scenes” volunteer needs, so even if you aren’t available during the day on Friday April 7th, please contact to get involved.

  • Support your kid(s)!

    • Remind the kids that The Sun Dragons are working together to reach their school-wide goals! Encourage them to do their best to walk or run as many laps as they can, and to also lend encouragement to their friends and classmates, since they will need to work as a team to meet their goals. (See “Prizes” below.)

    • We are trying to do our part to reduce waste and congestion at the water station. Please remind students to bring a FILLED water bottle from home! (They will get an extra punch on their lap-counter punch card for remembering!) We will still have paper cups for those who don’t bring one.

    • It will be a Spirit Day and the theme will be “Dress for Fun! Dress to Run!” We encourage kids to wear what makes them feel fast! (e.g. Superheros, Sports Stars, Fast Animals) But emphasize sneakers and comfortable/non-restrictive or delicate attire so they can actually be fast!


Are there Prizes?! Why yes!

  • School-wide prizes involved tiered goals:

    • First tier (3,000 laps, approx 10 per kid): Kids will earn a "super fun extra recess" with a kids vs. grown-ups game/contest.

    • Second tier (4,000 laps, approx 14 per kid): They ADD a movie assembly!

    • Third tier (5,000 laps, approx 18 per kid): They ADD a dance party with Mr. Eric! (in addition to the previous two prizes!)

  • Kids will automatically receive a little prize for handing in their envelopes by April 28th. They will also get entered into a drawing for a gift certificate to the Sunshine Store (where they can buy a BF Day t-shirt or other little gifts)!


Please contact Sara Parent at if you have any questions! Thank you for making time to support the Sun Dragons of BF Day!