Principal Jaskot's Weekly Dayette

    • Thanksgiving Reflections:

      As we move into the conference and Thanksgiving recess, many families will be gathering together to reflect upon the blessings and positive things in their lives. Here are some of my work-related gifts that I truly value and appreciate:

      The privilege to work with a supportive and caring team of staff and parents

      Students who give their all every day and work to resolve any problem or issue, as best they can

      A school that values diversity and celebrates differences

      Parents that offer insights and feedback to help make our partnership authentic

      Staff who go the extra mile in supporting every student

      A community that supports students emotionally, as well as academically

      A PTSA who give countless hours of their time to make a difference in the programs and supports we offer

      Staff who work nights and weekends to get their planning and record keeping done

      The belief and work ethic around growth mindset and continual improvement

      The grace to make mistakes, occasional misses in communication and the belief in positive intent from each of us.

      My best to everyone during this upcoming Thanksgiving Break!  Thank you for making this all possible. 

      Dragon Dens

      One of the core beliefs of B. F. Day elementary is that we support and encourage socio-emotional growth for students and each other.  Dragon Dens are monthly group meetings of mixed-grade groups who meet with the same adult every month. Students read books and engage with activities related to current topics and events, as well as conduct Q&A and workshops for the students to practice socio-emotional generosity and sensitivity.  Ask your student about their dragon den, as they are a very special part of our school community. Our first Dragon Den this year will be held this Thursday afternoon, November 21st.


      Emergency Forms

      Approximately 155 families did not update their emergency information for their children.  This can be done by parents every September online.  If you did not update your information or verify the information to contact you in an emergency we will have a Verification Form at your Parent/Teacher conference for you to fill out.  Please fill it out after your conference and return it to the office the day you are here – ‘touch it once’.  We will update any changes immediately.  If at any time during the school year your phone, address, or email changes please notify the office.  Thank you!

      Counselor News

      Hello generous BF Day Families,

      This year at BF Day we have at about 13 families who need assistance this holiday season. We are asking for donations of Gift Cards from Fred Meyer. This money will go towards food, clothes and maybe a few toys. 

      If you can participate, please bring the purchased gift card into the office and either give it to Carrie or put it in the PTSA mailbox by this Friday 12/13 so we can get them to families the following week.

      The support that you are able to give our community is amazing and each family is grateful for your generosity.


      John Taylor, MA Ed., School Counselor, 206- 252-6018

      Help for the Holidays?

      Please let Mr. Taylor if you could use help for the upcoming holidays.  John Taylor, our counselor, can be contacted via email at or at 206-252-6018.

       Two Job Openings

      We are still looking for you!  Playground supervision can be very fun😊 A high school diploma and volumes of patience required.  This is for one spot on our playground from 11:15 – 12:45 daily and another position which will go between recess and the lunchroom for work.  You are paid from 11 – 1 for email updates, payroll input etc.  $15/hr. no benefits other than the joy of this job.  Please let me or Ms. Carrie know if you are interested in this position.  The opening is now but paperwork can take a couple weeks to process if you are not already an SPS hourly.

        Lost and Found

      We are hoping as many hats, gloves, and coats can be reunited with their owners as possible. Our B. F. Day Lost and Found will be donated at Winter Break. Come by next week during conferences to claim your child's items.  Our Lost & Found is normally located just inside the northeast doors, however, since there is so much in it the overflow is all along the main floor in the hallway on hangers.  A tremendous thank you goes to our parents who have been helping to keep this organized!