We're a collaboration of like-minded families, students, staff, community leaders, and teachers who work for the success of each student learner.

The B.F. Day PTSA is made up of volunteers from the BF Day Family, including parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders, volunteers, and friends of BF Day.  We raise funds each year to support the programs the students love the most. 


Some of the highlights of our programs include:

  • Full time Art and PE for all students
  • Writers in the Schools
  • All staff/faculty grants
  • Music programs for each grade
  • Grants for field trips and all-school events
  • Support for families and organizations in need
  • Community engagement, such as the Fremont Solstice Parade and the Powerhouse
  • Enrichment (after-school activities)
  • Yearly mosaic projects 
  • So much more

 How do we raise money?

    • Annual Direct Drive (only 1 request per year)
    • Fun Run
    • Parent party & Auction
    • Chinook Books
    • Square 1 Art
    • Community Rewards

Have an idea? Let us know, let's work on it together!

Our Annual Budget (estimated)

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