Pi Memorization Contest
Friday, June 05, 2020, 02:00pm - 03:00pm

Pi Memorization Contest (Virtual 2020 Edition)

Participants: If you are planning on participating in the Pi Memorization contest and you haven’t e-mailed me yet, please send me an e-mail ( by the end of the day Thursday June 4th. All participants will be asked to Rename themselves on Zoom with their full name. They will be admitted into the meeting one at a time. I will send out an order of participation the day of the contest (Friday June 5th). Once participants are admitted, you will have your video and sound on. Participants and their families will need to state that they will be honest in their participation.

Audience: If you want watch and cheer for your peers, I know they would love it! The two requirements for the audience is that you be muted and your video is off until Mr. Maldonado says you can cheer. If you break these rules you will be removed from this zoom meeting.