B F Day Fun Run: Dragon Quest 2020


Calling all SUN DRAGONS!
Are you ready for a quest?
"A quest for what?" you ask.
A quest for dragons, of course!

Join us for the B.F. Day
Fun Run
Dragon Quest

This year we are taking our annual Fun Run to the streets in search of Sun Dragons! The more we find, the more pennies we raise to support the programs and staff at B.F. Day - making sure every Sun Dragon is supported, inspired, and able to thrive. Take heart brave ones, while your quest may be solo, you will not be alone. Everyone will set out on their quest on June 13th between 2:00 and 4:00, venturing into the wilds of our neighborhoods, looking in windows, on trees, on doors, on cars for the B.F. Day Sun Dragon.
So scale the cliffs of Phinney, sneak through the mists at Gas Works, seek audience with the Troll, or travel the mystical Burke-Gilman trail and make note of every Sun Dragon you find. You may even catch a glimpse of some fellow B.F. Day-ers (don’t forget to maintain a safe social distance and wear a mask)!

WHAT: B.F. Day Fun Run - Dragon Quest

Each student will have a Fun Run packet (t-shirt included!) to pick up at the school during the week of June 8th. Pick up will coincide with the schedule for picking up student items from the year. To download a Sun Dragon picture to print, color and hang where it can be seen from the sidewalk, go here.

WHEN: June 13th 2pm-4pm

If for some reason you are not able to quest at that time, find another time on that day to head out.

WHERE: In the neighborhood around your house.

HOW: With a spirit of Fun, Adventure, and Safety! Cheer others on! Bring your trumpet or your drum and dress in adventuring garb (including your new B.F. Day t-shirt)! Be sure to wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet from any fellow adventurer you meet. When possible stay on opposite sides of a street. You can run, walk, saunter, jog, or skip or use your wheelchair. Just don’t use a car, a bike, or a horse.

Have students input how many Sun Dragons they saw on their quest.
And to raise money. 

PTSA funds important social-emotional initiatives, support staff, the arts, learning excursions (field trips), and other essential programs. Donors may choose to sponsor a student and donate a set amount for every dragon found, or simply donate a flat amount.

To log dragons and to make donations