Arty Party - Auction for BF Day PTSA


1. Donate a service / experience... we are getting some pretty cool offers for the silent auction already! If you want to help but haven't figured out how, consider planning an adult/family/kid experience (themed movie night, playdate, outing, tasting, dinnerparty, etc) or if you have musical talents to share consider offering to play for a private party at someone's house (we already have someone offering to play the harp at your next dinner party!!) or even offer some lessons... just email

2. Volunteers... While our hope is that everyone attends the event as a fun night out, we have heard from some folks that they PREFER to volunteer and help during the event. Or maybe your work group is looking for a way to spend their community volunteer hours. We will need some folks to help with decorating, set up, clean up, door, food/bar service, managing silent auction purchases, etc... just email 
3. Connections.... It's not too late to get donations from businesses! One parent was getting a facial and asked her aesthetician if she wanted to donate to the auction and she did! If you have a great connection or have received a donation from someone just email

Remember, this event is to help us raise important funds to pay for this year's PTSA supported programs such as writers in the school, dragon dens, supplies, more socio-emotional support, and all the good stuff that BF Day is known for.
ARTY PARTY / June 2 / 6pm-10pm / Fremont Abbey / Adults only