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INTERNET AND LEARNING PLATFORM CONNECTION UPDATE Today, we had some technology challenges due to the high traffic and increase of users on our SPS network. Our technology department is launching a solution this evening that has already been tested with a high school.  In order to correct the connectivity issues, you will need to help your child restart their district-provided device this weekend.  Please follow these steps:  Plug your device into power   Turn it on    Connect to the internet Restart it and have your student log in   Leave it on for an hour or two to receive new software updates before logging off Do this once over the weekend and also start it up as early as possible before school on Tuesday, Sept. 8. For technology information and supports including how to login please visit our Technology Supports for Families webpage.
Alert from SPS 9/4/2020, 3:45pm
TECH TIP: When first setting up your District Issued Laptop - you have to connect to a WiFi network before your student can log on to the device. Click the little monitor or Globe icon in the bottom right of the screen to connect to WiFi.
TECH TIP: Charge your device every night Restart your computer at least once a week for latest updates
TECH TIP: Save all academic work and any important files using OneDrive.
TECH TIP: Use USB headphones (recommended) to prolong the life of the sound jack and improve sound quality
TECH TIP: See pages 4-5 here for help setting up your iPad. Or go here to watch a video and find translated instructions.

Student Username - Your student should know their username from when they log on to computers at school. If they do not, please contact the main office and we can look it up for you. Or contact your child's teacher.

The students password is going to be their birthdate but it has a different form depending on the grade, see below:


-1st thing, plug in your laptop for 15 minutes before doing anything

-Upon turning on your laptop, sign onto your home Wi-Fi BEFORE logging in. Now, it’s important to note that families will have to be connected to their home Wi-Fi in order to login. To do that you will open up the login screen and click the globe button in the bottom right hand corner. If you do not have Wi-Fi or a hotspot you will not be able to login. If the student is not on Wi-Fi it will not work.

If the Wi-Fi is on, and the username and password is correct and you get a message stating that the credential or domain is invalid, there are two options next.

1) Families can put in a tech ticket on the district website using this link. This method will work but it might take time because there are so many people trying to get on new devices.
2) The next easier option would be to go right next to ANY Seattle Public School and connect to the school Wi-Fi to get them into the domain. Once you do this you WILL NOT have to do it again and the laptop should work on their home Wi-Fi. You should be able to stay out front in your car or at least be outside and not have to come in to a building to connect.


1. Preschool- 4th Grade Will use only the month and day for the four digit password. Ex. 0530

2. 5th grade- Will use the month date and year for an eight digit password. Ex. 05302009 

There are some resources available to help support you in the use of technology: