B F Day Sun Dragon Quest 2021


The BF Day PTSA’s Sun Dragon Quest is happening Saturday, May 15th, 2:00-4:00pm!

Print and color a Sunny Dragon - download

What is it? Each student will pick up a Dragon Quest packet at the school during the week of May 10th. This will include a dragon print out for you to decorate and display as well as a donation log. Or you will be able to print your own materials at home (pledge sheet and Sunny the dragon printout.) On May 15, walk, run, crawl, roll, scoot, or dance your way through the neighborhood with eyes wide open as you tally up your dragon sightings.

Inquire your friends, family, and neighbors to sponsor your Dragon Quest. Maybe a dollar per dragon found, or a flat amount of moola for your dragon hunting troubles. Grab a grown up, a friend or two, a neighbor, or a fellow BF Day-er and start your adventure! We have many amazing neighborhoods to explore, from Wacky Wallingford to Funky Fremont, make sure to visit Fantastic Phinney and Gorgeous Greenlake, you might venture into Beautiful Ballard or Fun Frelard. Be mindful of others, do your best social distancing, and make sure to wear a mask. 

When is it? Saturday, May 15th

How can I help? Help your kid(s) collect pledges

Ask family, friends, and neighbors to support you in this fundraiser. Donations can be a flat rate (e.g. $25) or a set amount per dragon found (e.g. $1/dragon). 


  • CASH (Please collect and return in your envelope.)
  • CHECKS (Please collect and return in your envelope. Make payments to BF Day PTSA.)
  • PAY ONLINE: www.bfdayptsa.org/give-bfd