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What is the time commitment for joining the PTSA Board?

We hold board meetings in the evenings for an hour once a month. With differing and busy schedules, we recognize that members may not be able to make all meetings and that is ok! Role-specific activities will vary and can be shaped to fit your schedule and interests, there are no hard and fast rules and we encourage members to identify and run with projects that interest them. We know that free time is very limited for most, and if there are any accommodations you need in order to participate we would love to see what we can do to meet them so that we can have a representative board!


Well-informed, engaged parents make a difference for student success in school and beyond. Research shows that family engagement in a child’s education increases student achievement, improves attendance, and reduces dropout rates. Joining the PTSA at BF Day is a great way to meet other parents, engage with staff and learn first-hand about the school’s needs, and pitch in on projects that are exciting to you that will help the school community. 


Below are brief position descriptions for some positions that were recently open. The roles are by no means limited to what is written. Each individual is welcomed to bring their unique skills, ideas, and creativity to the table and participate in any activity that interests them! Elections are held only for the executive board (President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary) positions.

For the latest open positions, please see the About page.

Executive Board positions


  • Create the agenda and lead monthly meetings.
  • Manage the email account and facilitate communication between principal, staff and board members.
  • Ensure that planned calendar events are executed through the PTSA board, committee leads and volunteers.


Vice president

  • Provide support and direction to other board members.
  • Assist president in meeting all PTSA deadlines.
  • Perform president duties if he/she is unable to serve.



  • Record official minutes at monthly board meetings and general assembly meetings
  • Maintain records
  • Provide support to president and vice president



  • Manage funds of the PTSA and track in QuickBooks.
  • Pay vendors and reimburse teachers and other staff.
  • Help develop the budget and track spending against it throughout the year.

Additional Board Roles:

Communications Co-Chair (E-newsletter)

  • Solicit board/community for newsletter content
  • Compile, format, and send newsletters in Mailchimp
  • Coordinate with communications co-chair (Facebook group focused) as needed


Enrichment Chair

  • Lead enrichment committee in creating a schedule for optional after school enrichment classes.
  • Communicate with vendors to set-up classes and communicate any issues that arise.
  • Publish schedule of after school class options as well as sign-up information.
  • Keep track of scholarship requests and scholarship budget.


Library Chair

  • Recruit volunteers to work in library 
  • Assist librarian in communicating to the larger school community
  • Work with the librarian in planning and staffing the book fairs
  • Liaison between the librarian and the PTSA (budget concerns, communication, volunteer needs, etc)


Legislative/Advocacy Chair (co-lead)

  • Advocate for important legislation and engage the school community in advocacy 
  • Stay up to date with PTSA advocacy efforts at the state and local level 
  • Keep board apprised of important legislative updates


Room Parent Chair

  • Recruit Room Parents for all classrooms
  • Assist room parents in obtaining class lists & teacher favorites
  • Share important PTSA news with Room Parents


Technology Chair 

The technology chair role is primarily the maintenance and regular updating of the BF Day PTSA website. This includes:

  • Updating event calendar, volunteer opportunities, and wishlist as seen in the Dayette
  • Updating other pieces of the site as needed/requested from PTSA, such as for major fundraising events like Direct Drive or the Fun Run
  • Collaborating with Communications committee to make sure information gets out as needed and the right information is featured on the homepage


Social Chair

  • Coordinate and attend (if possible) ad hoc social events for families and/or parents
  • Publicize the social events in collaboration with the Facebook, Communications, and Room Parent chairs as well as Ms. Carrie for the Dayette
  • Support other PTSA social events (Family Dinner, Spring Auction) as availability allows