We are families, students, staff, community leaders, and teachers who work for the success of each student learner.

The B.F. Day PTSA is made up of volunteers from the B.F. Day Family, including parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders, volunteers, and friends of BF Day. We raise funds each year to support the programs the students love the most.

2022-2023 PTSA BOARD

President: Jane Chiu – president@bfdayptsa.org
Vice President: Saul Rico – vicepresident@bfdayptsa.org
Secretary: Jeanine Thomas – secretary@bfdayptsa.org
Treasurer: Sushma Pandey – treasurer@bfdayptsa.org
Fundraising: Senthil Rajaram – fundraising@bfdayptsa.org
Volunteer Coordinator: Kyle Zeller – volunteer@bfdayptsa.org
Legislative Advocacy: Naishin Fu – advocacy@bfdayptsa.org
Communications: OPEN, Saira McDonald – communications@bfdayptsa.org
Enrichment: Steven Toff – enrichment@bfdayptsa.org
Room Parent Coordinator: Mandy Watson – roomparent@bfdayptsa.org
Equity Chair: Kathleen Driscoll – equity@bfdayptsa.org
Building Leadership Team: Jamie Bird, Annie Barker
Tech: Mike W
SpED Liaison: Christie Reneer
Library Liaison: OPEN
Teacher Rep: OPEN
Neighborhood Outreach/Parent Ed Coordinator: Chelsea Kane, Cat Melazzo
Teacher Appreciation: OPEN 
Social: OPEN, Sarah Biber

Program Highlights

 Full time Art and PE for all students

  Writers in the Schools

  All staff/faculty grants

  Music programs for each grade

  Grants for field trips and all-school events

  Support for families and organizations in need

  Community engagement, such as the Fremont Solstice Parade and the Powerhouse Enrichment (after-school activities)

  Yearly mosaic projects

  So much more


 Annual Direct Drive (only 1 request per year)

 Fun Run

 Parent party & Auction

 Fred Meyer Community Rewards