Spring Giving

The BF Day Spring Giving is happening Friday, June 14th!


What is it?  On Fri June 14th will be the B.F. Spring Giving! This is a social event that combines a fun auction with all proceeds supporting PTSA programs.
Why do we do it? Our school relies on donations to the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). The Spring giving combines a social event with some fundraising fun. By participating and bidding on cool items, many of them made by our own B.F Day students, you help ensure that B.F. Day continues to be a school that supports our community’s children with their various needs to achieve the best version of themselves.
How does it work? Ask family, friends and neighbors if they have any fun items that they would donate to the auction. Donations can be range from a weekend in your cabin, an outing on your boat, a piece of art etc. During the fun event, we will have an auction that will auction off various items and the proceeds will accrue towards PTSA fundraising goals. 
  • To donate goods or services for the silent auction, or become a sponsor, please fill out and return this donation form or visit http://bit.ly/SGForm2024.
  • Please send/deliver all items to by May 1, 2024, or contact us to arrange for pick up.
QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about the event, donations, or the school, please contact Sherry at
social@bfdayptsa.org or 248.250.2866.