Can you help us? Here are some things that have been requested in recent editions of the Dayette

Best times to drop things off with the office are not immediately at drop off or pickup, and outside of lunch times.

So the best times include:

  • 8:05-9:50 am
  • 12:45-2:15 pm (on a regular schedule day, not early release)
Ring the buzzer at the north doors and office staff will receive the donation. 

Here are some items that are helpful/requested:

✓ Moving boxes and packing tape for moving classrooms this summer.

✓ New underwear. We need size small, but some medium and large sizes are also great!

✓ Children’s pants for the nurse’s office (ages 5-10): sweats and leggings, size XS-S in particular, to help our youngest learners when there is a accident, rip, or other mess.